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Manatee Tours

As the water temperature in the Gulf of Mexico cools to below 70 degrees, the manatees start to move into warmer waters.  It is still early in the season, however, we are seeing manatees!!  And they are so sweet.  Little noses come up to the surface, nostrils open and they take a deep breath and then go about their merry way.  On Christmas Day, 2017, Captain John and I took the day off from touring and headed out in his personal vessel along with our two dogs, “Bella” and “Tiller” (Labradoodles).  And where did we go?  In search of manatees of course!  A very lovely day, relaxing and full of positive experiences with these gentle giants.  Tours are underway again and observations were plentiful.  Although we don’t have hundreds in the waterway yet… we are enjoying those we see!  Come join us.

-Kathy Cookman

Manatee Nose

Manatee Tail

Manatee at surface, note the propeller scars

Manatee “footprint”

“Bella” watching for manatees

“Tiller” watching us

Manatee Greeting

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