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Sweetwater Landing Marina Construction


If you’ve been out with us before, you probably remember the parking lot near the bathrooms.  This is an aerial view of “SOME” of the construction that has been going on at Sweetwater Landing Marina!  Progress is being made despite the rainy season, hurricane Irma, etc.  We are excited to have the River Queen back in the water and ready to resume river tours!  Right now the water is still pretty warm and a “few” manatee’s have been seen in the Orange River.  We will be offering Eco River Tours after Thanksgiving and as the Gulf of Mexico waters cool to below 70 degrees and the outside air temperature begins to drop, the manatee’s will migrate into the area and Manatee Tours will begin!  In the meantime, check out a few of the pictures showing the changes!  We are really excited for Brandon and the crew at Sweetwater as well as our guests who join us for excursions.  The new parking lot is scheduled to be paved on November 20, 2017 making parking available soon.


Sweetwater Landing – Boater’s Lounge/Owner’s Residence


Bathroom/Shower demo

Parking lot torn up, boater’s lounge underway

Boater’s Lounge/Owner’s Residence

Boater’s Lounge/Owner’s Residence










Foundation for additional boat storage building

Additional boat storage building underway!

Clearing the way for a restaurant, etc.















Restaurant construction

Restaurant picture

Site plan


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