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Did You Know?

American Alligator

Did you know the American Alligator can swim up to 20 mph and on land move at a pace of 11 mph!

They have rounded snouts and their 4th tooth on the lower jaw fits nicely into a socket in the upper jaw, unlike the American Crocodile.

They are cold-blooded and unable to generate their own heat, so to regulate it you will often see them laying in the sunshine (ectothermic).

They can hold their breath underwater for up to 1 hour!

Generally the male (bull) can grow to 14 feet in length and the female (cow) can grow to 10 feet in length.  Mating season is generally in May and June.  It takes up to 68 days for the “clutch” of alligators to hatch.

The lifespan of an American Alligator is approximately 30-50 years.