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Manatee Movement!

Manatee Movement – River Queen II

Manatees on side imaging sonar!

What a nice experience today (1/15/2022) on the Orange River in Fort Myers, Florida!  It was a beautiful sunny morning and the manatees are on the move into the warmer waters.  As you can see in the picture manatees are to the side of our tour boat!  Never before have we seen such clear images of the manatee!

We hope that you will catch our enthusiasm for this gentle giant and join us on a tour!  Typically through the end of February for best viewing.  Remember, when the Gulf of Mexico water temperature falls below 70 degrees, the manatees move into the Orange River to stay warm.  That is our best viewing opportunity (especially on a chilly day when we need to wear coats!).  Once they’ve moved out of the area to find seagrass to eat, we change our trips to Eco Tours and travel further east along the Caloosahatchee!

Hope to see you onboard soon!

Kathy & Captain John

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