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Swallow-Tailed Kite

Southwest Florida relishes in the migration of Swallow-tailed kites from South America.  They come to this area to breed around February-March and by the end of summer (August-September) head back.  They are a bird of prey with a forked tail that is easy to distinguish.  They appear to be suspended motionless in the air and glide, roll and occasionally flap their wings.

They nest in tall trees in the open woodlands and prefer tall trees (pine or cypress).  The diet on flying insects, frogs, lizards and other birds. Typically two eggs are laid with the female staying with them up into the first three weeks of hatching and then will take turns with the male seeking food and bringing it back for their young.  The young take flight in about 5 to 6 weeks following their birth.

We have seen several of these magnificent raptors, remember to look up!


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